What is an EMG/NCV test and what is it used for?

For a neurologist, an EMG/NCV is an extension of a good history and physical examination. It is a two-part test (see FAQ on homepage) that determines and measures the quality of a patient’s nerve impulses.

It is useful in diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy, pinched nerves in the neck and back (radiculopathies), diabetic neuropathy and many other disorders. It is useful in identifying the cause of a patient’s pain, numbness, weakness or other symptoms. It is also an important test to identify if a patient’s symptoms are of nerve origin versus musculoskeletal origins (such as arthritis, tendonitis or overuse syndromes).

Did you know….???

That there are literally hundreds of types of neuropathy, neuritis and nerve disorders? Causes can include carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves and disk problems. Also diabetes, vitamin disorders and sciatica can cause the painful or numbing sensations of neuropathy.  Proper evaluation by a neurologist can identify and effectively treat your

See us for an expert opinion. A good reference website is neuropathy.org.