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Dr. Larry Lett

Dr. Larry LettMy love, if you will, for neurology began when I was a junior medical student. I got my hands on medical texts dating back to the 1800 to track the progress made in my chosen specialty. From the 1800's forward many treatments and drugs yielding positive results were discovered.

The more I studied the more it was reinforced neurology was the specialty for me. I studied with some of the greatest doctors in the field and had opportunities after graduation to be the president of a practice of 3 to 10 physicians from which I learned more about the practical application of all forms of neurological maladies.

Now in solo practice I enjoy the opportunity to spend the extra one on one time with the patients to listen to the symptoms, but also to observe them. The observation is many times more valuable than the words one hears, as the actions and movements tell the doctor what areas are actually affected.

In our Kokomo location we treat carpal tunnel syndrome, through EMG/NCV testing, nerve pain, headaches, migraines, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, post trauma, sciatica, nerve compression, along with other neurological disorders.